The PHDS OEM can be mounted easily on the original triple clamp.

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PHDS OEM Yamaha YZF 2014-2021 for 28,6mm handlebar

Product no.: 50100017

fits on standard Yamaha YZF triple clamp
YZ250F model year from 2014-2021
YZ450F model year from 2014-2021

PHDS OEM KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Sherco for 28,6mm handlebar M10

Product no.: 50100008

fits on KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Sherco standard triple clamp
connection size 20mm
KTM 125SX model year 2006-2015
KTM 250SX model year 2006-2016
KTM SX-F model year 2006-2015
KTM XC-W, XC-W TPI, XCF-W, EXC, EXC TPI, EXC-F model year 2006-2021
Husqvarna TC 125, FC model year 2014-2015
Husqvarna TC 250 model year 2014-2016
Husqvarna TE, FE model year 2014-2021
Beta RR 2T/4T model year 2013-2021
Beta Xtrainer model year 2015-2020
Sherco SEF-R, SE-R, SCF, SC model year 2013-2021

PHDS OEM KTM, Husqvarna 2016- for 28,6mm handleb.

Product no.: 50100018

fits on KTM, Husqvarna standard triple clamp
KTM 125 SX model year 2016-2021
KTM 250 SX model year 2017-2021
KTM SX-F 250, 350, 450 model year 2016-2021
KTM XC, XC TPI, XC-F model year 2016-2021
Husqvarna TC 125 model year 2016-2021
Husqvarna TC 250 model year 2017-2021
Husqvarna FC 250, 350, 450 model year 2016-2021
Husqvarna TX, FX model year 2017-2021

PHDS OEM Honda CR / CRF for 28,6mm handlebar

Product no.: 50100016

fits on standard Honda CR / CRF triple clamp
CR 125 model year from 2000-2021
CR 250 model year from 1999-2021
CRF 250 model year from 2004-2021
CRF 450 model year from 2002-2021

PHDS OEM Kawasaki KX, KXF 2013-2021 für 28,6mm handlebar

Product no.: 50100019

fits on Kawasaki KXF 250/450 standard triple clamp
KX250F, KX250 model year from 2013-2021
KX450F, KX450 model year from 2013-2021
Suzuki RM-Z 250 model year 2004-2006

PHDS OEM Suzuki RM-Z for 28,6mm handlebar

Product no.: 50100020

fits on standard Suzuki RM-Z triple clamp
RM-Z 250 model year from 2007-2021
RM-Z 450 model year from 2005-2021

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